Wednesday, December 8, 2010


When you really sit and think about decorating the Christmas tree its a pretty hilarious tradition. I mean you chop down a tree in the piney woods (in a perfect world), and then adorn it with ornaments, popcorn??? (who thought of that one?), a star or angel on top, occasional fake snow, and various other treasures. You then pick out a perfect "skirt" to complete the ensemble. I bet if there were people observing us from other planets they would think we were straight crazy! haha

All that being said... I LOVEEEEEEEEE Decorating the Christmas tree. Growing up we would blast Amy Grant Tennesee Christmas and other various holiday tunes, sip on hot chocolate, and decorate the whole house. Typically Katy and I would go to sleep that night and we would wake up in a panic the next morning b/c everything was rearranged... I always got so mad but my parents explained that since we were both so short, all the ornaments were on the bottom 1/2 of the tree and they needed to "redistribute" - haha!

Last year THIS was our tree.... SO cute and great memories at our old tiny place :)

This year we inherited my grandmother's tree which is really meaningful b/c we spent Christmas growing up at our grandparents house in Abilene and the Christmas tree was always Nannie's pride & joy.

Needless to say, we had to take the dive and invest in about 4x the amount of ornaments we had on our tree last year haha! We found them at Target, Garden Ridge, Michaels, and World Market! Logan and I both thought about how our favorite ornaments growing up were the ones that could double as a "toy" so we got plenty of those this year for our kiddos to enjoy someday :)

Below are my top 5 Favorite Ornaments :)

1. B/C this is us in a nutshell... and will be us next year when we have Christmas in France

2. This is from our dear friends the Cochrans and its a legit manger scene straight from Jerusalem.

3. This is not really meaningful, I just had to have her. She is cute. Stella will love her someday :)

4. This is a picture of us from our wedding and it has the year we were married on a little charm.

5. We bought this "Festive" Santa in Playa del Carmen on our honeymoon. Feliz Navidad!

I will post more pics of our decorated home later this month... currently it is a train wreck with gifts and wrapping paper everywhere!


  1. Hey Abby - I found your blog thru Blair's. It's super cute. Keep it up. Love your tree! Happy Holidays! -Lindsey

  2. Thanks Lindsey! I will have to start reading yours now that I have it!

    PS In LOVE w/ your wedding pics



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