Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Downtown Girl- Day 1

On my way to my new job on DAY 1... I was very excited/ nervous.... but I am kind of figuring my way around Downtown Dallas (its about time I have only lived here 90% of my life! haha)

The morning consisted of meeting w/ HR concerning dress code, rules, signing papers, etc. There were 4 of us new kids, so it felt great having a little group of pals from the marketing clan. Much to our delight, we find out that from Memorial Day to Labor Day we get 2pm FRIDAYS!!! That was amazing :) I also arrived on the last day of 30/30 but in the best interest of my marriage, I held off on Day 1.

Here is my cute little cube... it feels more like an office than Fossil just b/c its enclosed on 3.5 sides rather than open. I kind of liked the privacy and I have my own printer at my desk... that is BIG TIME! :) The dress code shall be interesting as I start to figure it out...but for now I have my basic pants and cardigans that I will swap out until I a) have some $$ to shop b) have a better hold on what people wear at corporate! My manager Michelle and coworker Kristi took me to lunch (lots of cute places to eat in downtown... not to mention the food court underneath my building- Starbucks, Subway, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, etc.). We had so much chatting... they are very nice and easy to talk to and get along with.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a sort of "Pep Rally" for NM employees downtown. The meeting was held at the Majestic Theater (naturally) and we all had 3D glasses for the opening video spoofing Avatar, ha! ... we were able to hear from the CEO, CFO, etc. as they went over the business... lucky for me, we are on the back side of economic slump, so business is looking up and the future of NM is looking bright! I also witnessed history as Burt Tansky announced his retirement (gasps, shocked faces, tears from the crowd) ... but he passed the baton very graciously to Karen Katz (CEO of stores... now CEO over the entire NMG!) So it was a pretty epic first day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bittersweet Adieu

My cube... organized, but not quite torn down...

On my way out.... tears flowing + Abby stalling...

One of Hollie's famous card creations... she always draws our team as characters in a scene... this one is around our summer promo I worked on... Vintage Expedition... she is so creative :) She also did the Marketing Team on a Starbucks mug that I can keep forever and take to NM with me!

BYE... :(

My last look at the Fossil sign after 4 great years... Neimans starts TOMORROW!!! Excited about becoming a Downtown girl :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

On the CUSP

Well this is news I have been holding in... I just got a new job!

I can't really describe the feelings that I am having right now though b/c I am leaving my home away from home... June will mark 4 years at Fossil in the marketing department. These people have seen me go through some huge life changing experiences. I started as a measley intern in the back corner and was able to work my way up to Marketing Specialist for Global Fossil Stores.... thank you Fossil for my incredible experiences here and for the many friendships I wouldn't have had otherwise...shout out to Jayne, Robert, and of course JOSH!!!

My NEW home is going to be in Downtown Dallas at the Neiman Marcus corporate office... I will be a Marketing Specialist for their newer concept CUSP! They have 6 freestanding stores and 3 shop in shops (within existing NM stores- 1 is at Northpark so go check it out!) I literally loved every single girl I talked to / interviewed with for the position- they were so genuine, funny, and SMART! I cannot wait to start on Monday the 26th and see what adventures lie ahead. This was a big career move for me and I do feel so blessed & ready for my next challenge!

So cheers to CUSP... and Au Revior to holey jeans, tshirts, flip flops, & greasy hair!

PS I actually went into my closet this weekend and thought...surely out of ALL of these clothes I have at least 10-15 shirts that will work with slacks... AND Forever 21 and Fossil clothes didn't cut it... I had 5 that were stretches but could MAYBE work and my leftover suit from post-college interviews :) Going to Allen Outlets tonight with Debs to spice up the newly needed wardrobe!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful- 26 here we come!

First of all, thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Bday yesterday... I always love how popular I feel on Facebook (and now Twitter) when every hour I have new wall messages or tweets!

My cookout was amazing (Katie Schulze is sending me her pics b/c I was distracted by all my favorite people!) - we had a great turnout, great weather, and great burgers! My hubs is quite the griller, turns out!

What am I thankful for?

1. My God. The fact that I may wander away and become a self-absorbed 20-something year old who pouts, complains, worries, and gets stressed out way too easily...but He never leaves or forsakes me. I do not deserve any of it.

2. My Husband who was clearly made for me. He loves me in a way that is perfect...for me. He puts up with my moods, my bad habits, and other Abby-isms. I feel unworthy at times and wonder how on Earth this man (who has seen me at my WORST) still is completely in love with me. Man, I am blessed.

3. My family. Through painful times and joyful times... I am in a place in life where I know everyone is taken care of and happy. It hasn't always been like that, but God works ALL things together for good...for those who love Him.

4. My FRIENDS... Last night made me so thankful that I had friends who would take time out of their busy schedules to spend a night with ME. I mean I am overwhelmed by how many bday cards and GIFTS I got last night... some from people who I forgot their bday, missed their party, and maybe forgot to even buy them a gift. Again, grace.

5. My health and my life... Right now everyone close to me is healthy and happy. I am not sure how long that will stay or ring true...but right now it does amidst so many families dealing with pain, suffering, and tragic loss. I don't know why God chooses certain families to face these trials and not others...but for now I am thankful that God has protected my family- from tragedy, from cancer, and numerous other things. I pray I will never take this for granted. Lord we praise you for we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

& so much more...

So much can change in 1 year. 1 year + 1 day ago... Logan asked my mom's permission to marry me. And here we are today. Excited to see what 26 brings!

my lovely cards

Steins bakery cupcakes... I swear by them ;) Its ghetto, but SO GOOD! (and cheap!)

Good friends... (Well this is just one of them, but you get the idea!)
Sidenote: I am starting to notice more grey hairs... And getting paranoid that if I keep plucking them out, I am either going to go bald or ALL grey. (you know- the whole, pluck it out and 10 grow back in its place)You blondies are lucky...it hides much better!
*** More bday pics to come***

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend


So Easter was a really fun weekend.

Friday night we went on a double date w/ the Schulzes... much needed catch up time! We had KONA and went to see The Last Song afterwards. I have to admit, it was a little predictable but I am a loyal Nicholas Sparks fan through & through. I am only on Chapter 4 in the book, but I do intend to read the rest to get the nitty gritty details. I love knowing the thoughts in the character's heads b/c a movie cannot portray that like a book can. I would put it at "Dear John" caliber... not the Notebook (what is!??!?!) but better than A Walk to Remember & Nights in Rodanthe.

Katy was in town and we celebrated my early bday with her in town Saturday night... went to Benihana's (the same place I have been suggesting for my bday dinner since elementary school- see below :) )

Then we were going to hit up ZaZa but Logan's shorts and flip flops didnt cut the "Dress to Impress" dress code... so

We finished the evening in our own VIP table next to the DJ at Sangria with my favorite beverage in Dallas- the sparkling Sangria! (hints of raspberry and vanilla!) yum!

Sunday was a BLAST as well... we got up and went to Watermark (our friends Joe & Taylor and Katy's roomie Kaila joined us as well)... Mom cooked us a FEAST for lunch, still gave us Easter baskets with Peeps in them (even though we tell her every year we dont like them! haha), and we had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard filled with candy and ending with 6 eggs we chose from a bowl with CASH in them! (Think Secret Santa, Easter Bunny style)... don't worry, I got $5- the LOWEST egg.... what a rip! haha jk- thats 1 lunch at Wendys!

My jeans had a hole by the knee that would get bigger each and every time I sat down... so we decided to make them trendy cut offs... to which Logan exclaimed "I thought you told me to never be caught dead in JORTS!!!"- Too bad that rule doesn't apply to me or the hot new spring trend haha! At least he listens and I stand by my word that LOGAN MISEGADES WILL NEVER WEAR JORTS EVEN IF THEY ARE IN STYLE haha :)

My bday is tomorrow... and I have a feeling its going to be a GREAT week for MANY reasons ;)

Tomorrow night is a cookout that Logan arranged with 30 of my closest friends and we have like a 99% turnout... I feel very loved! Hoping and praying that the weather will cooperate... at least from 7-9pm so we can cook burgers... is that too much to ask? :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

My New Creative Venture

I am SO excited about this class! I read Elsie's blog... DAILY (you should too, go here )

Her and her best friend Rachel are hosting a web class on how to make an Art Journal... I have journaled & scrapbooked since JUNIOR HIGH so this is a merger of the two... I am so excited :) I have been looking for a creative outlet and I think this will be so much fun.

I will be sure to post pictures of my "page projects" as I complete them. (if they turn out, ha!)

Class Overview:
- 7 days a week for 6 weeks they give you a tutorial on how to make certain page layouts, a creative prompt, or book-making tip!
- Topic examples include- Everyday Joys, Dreams, Secret Plans, etc.

To join me in the fun go here :)

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter... So thankful to be saved by his GRACE.


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