Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Resolutions

1. Read more books. If I had the time to start a book club, I would copy my friend Shannon and do a "Read between the Wines" night every month!

2. I want to find some exercise class that I enjoy and do it consistently (yoga, Bar method, pilates, spin, kick boxing, etc.)

3. I want to start writing my book.... I finally know what I want to write about :)

4. Monthly "dates nights" with my hubby - creative ones, not just dinner and a movie

5. Grow deeper and more in love with my Savior - Memorize more scripture. Worry less and PRAY more.

6. Listen to more music. GOOD music. NEW bands. Fresh sounds.

7. Make BIG headway in the learning French department- Master Rosetta Stone Level 1.

8. Visit a place I have never been before.

9. Continue to chunk away at our wedding debt and keep tithing consistently.

10. Don't overbook myself.

11. Do another Art Journal.... would love to do 1 per year!

Happy 2011!!! What are your resolutions?

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