Friday, January 14, 2011

Supper Club

Well I haven't exactly completed all of my goals, but I am making a dent in them for sure. As you can remember, I wanted to start a SUPPER CLUB! Well, we did in November and it has been a blast. We have a growing number of about 16 girls that come each month.

My bestie Alexis and I hosted January and we did yummy chili. Charlie and Alexis used to host Super Bowl watching parties in their 700 sq. foot apartment in San Francisco, so we used his secret recipe (who am I kidding- he came over and made it beforehand for us shhhhhhhhh!) and everyone loved it! We had some brie and pistachios for appetizers and played table topics after our yummy brownie/ ice cream dessert :) It was such a fun girls night!

A few snapshots from the evening...

If you are interested in starting a Supper Club here is how we gals organized it.
  • I sent out an email and people signed up to host or co-host 1 month for the year. Therefore, you will have to invest in feeding 15+ gals for 1 night out of the entire year- you can make that work ;) THEN, the next month you and your co-host are in charge of providing the drinks and dessert for the next month's host and co-host. Example: Next month Alexis and I will help Jayne, Rachel, and Erin by bringing dessert and alcohol. Easy as that! So technically you are investing in Supper Club 2x per year and the rest of the time, you just get to come, hang out, and not worry about a thing!
  • Also- there was debate on what night of the week, weekday vs. weekend, 1st Monday of the month, etc. To nip that in the bud b/c lets be real 15 girls schedules- that is a nightmare- so the HOST and CO-HOST (since they are crucial) get to pick when. We have had Saturday and Thursdays so far...its whatever works best for those 2 people. That way there is no pressure, coordination, or hurt feelings- if you can come, you come...if not, you come the next month.
I would encourage it to anyone- its been fun to blend all different groups of friends- elementary, high school, work, college, and post college.



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