Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In a Tory Tizzy!

Sooooo next week begins our infamous 30/30 at Neimans that happens 4-5x per year for employees! (Logan dreads it every time haha) I have an unused gift card from my BG director along w/ some gas reimbursement $$ from my trek to Los Colinas Studios for our Monday web meetings... SOOOOO all that to say I am justifying a Tory purchase since I will practically be getting it for FREE :)

I am not one for badge brands honestly... I have never personally loved Gucci bags or Louis Vuiton... but there's something about Tory... I just love her classic lines and simple, understated style. Below are the 3 items I have my eye on for this Spring/ Summer... please help me choose! I can only purchase 1... :)

1. Ella Metallic Canvas Tote - I will carry the CRAP out of this thing... I love its shape and size ... and the brown/ canvas combo will match with anything in my closet! It looks very durable as well.

2. Tatum Straw Hobo - This is just adorable... I love the versatility of the straps and the knots on the top handles. Plus, I always love a splash of color and red is one of my favorites.

3. Miller Logo Flat Thong Sandal - I am ROUGH on my shoes (like I destroy them), but I need a dressier alternative to the Rainbows I live in ALL SUMMER LONG! Tempting...

So there you have it... what is your vote? I have 1 week to decide... hmmm....



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