Friday, February 18, 2011

It's All in the Details...

So the wedding day FLIES by and it is typically hard to catch all the thoughtful details that you put into the day amidst the chaos... As I was designing my wedding album, I realized that there were some BIG parts missing. I called my wonderful friend Katie Norris (who did our engagements) and asked if she thought I was weird for contacting her after I had been married for over a YEAR and if she would be willing to shoot some additional detail shots from our special day. She did NOT think I was weird, and agreed to help us out :)

I think they turned out WONDERFUL!!! I now finally feel like I can complete our album. All the details that I had thoughtfully planned, are now accounted for. (One of those images is the the image above that I made our Blog banner- its my favorite!)

Katie knew that we had our reception in the barrel room at Delaney, so she used dark, rustic colors and woods so that the images would not look out of place in our album.

love this shot! we never got a shot of our 3 rings all together :) And of course, my lovely Eiffel tower in the background. I actually gave each of my bridesmaids, house party, and family members this very Eiffel tower ornament at my bridal luncheon as a memoir from our weekend. (Thank you Restoration Hardware!)

I had Logan's ring engraved with "Pour Toujours 10-30-09" Which means forever in French :)

our cake toppers were my favorite! We had them custom made from Etsy! You can't really tell, but my girl's wedding dress was painted to look like mine :)

I bought this on Etsy as well with the intention that Griffin would use it instead of a ring bearer's typical pillow... after watching him sling the pillow around at the rehearsal dinner, we opted to keep it as the pillow ;) The plate is adorable and says "With This Ring" and our wedding date "10.30.09" - its a great keepsake!

My second favorite image. This was my grandmother's broach and I wore it at our reception to represent / honor her. I loved that the bottom right crystal fell out... it was perfectly, imperfect.

These were an adorable etsy find- my earrings for the church ceremony.

I wore the broach and chandelier earrings to spice things up at the reception!

oh brother... the tale of the wedding shoes! Read the story HERE. Needless to say, there was NO WAY these puppies would be photographed except for a stressful last second (literally) shot before I walked down the aisle! They were a great find at DSW thanks to my bridesmaid Katie! I wanted something to complement the flower embellishment on my dress and these were exactly what I was looking for but SUPER hard to find! (Katie Norris had to photo shop the HECK out of these b/c my shoes were so dirty by the end of the evening- she did awesome!)

My beautiful ring and garter... this was my "something blue"- it was the lightest blue I had ever seen! I loved my lacy garter!

We have zero shots of our food tables... dang! Hard to re-create that, but we did still have the menus my mom did calligraphy on. We wanted to have a theme- All American food (above) and French cuisine crepes!!! (below) Then we had a fruit, cheese, and salad bar at the long table in the middle. It was so yummy and a fun way to blend our heritages.


I hope you enjoyed hearing the stories behind each detail as well :) Have a great weekend- hooray for GORGEOUS weather.... Spring. Is. Near. Hallelujah!



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