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Our Love Story: His Version

In the spirit of the month of LOVE... I thought we could share our story. I am partial, but it is magical- I am the girl who always dreamt of my prince coming in and sweeping me off my feet and the Lord really prepared something special for me! With that said, I will let Logan tell you his version in his own words. Enjoy :)

When Jono called me to tell me that he was getting married in L.A. in May (2008) and wanted me to be there and be a part of it, of course, I couldn't miss it for anything in the world. My heart was set on being single for a long long time, and truly believed that I wouldn't let myself get involved emotionally with anyone anytime soon. Therefore I was not really looking for anything or anyone going into this wedding. Just going to have a grand'ol time with my boys! A relationship was honestly the very last thing on my mind, and in any case it would take something huge for that to happen.

That's when she walked in...

The whole wedding party and friends were hanging out in the hotel lounge waiting to go out on the town... well the beach to be more precise! We were apparently just waiting on a couple girls from the house party and one bridesmaid. I was just having a drink with some guys, when someone said out loud, "here they are". I turned around, saw a couple girls walk up. No big deal. Then SHE walked up the steps, a big grin on her face, knowing she was about to be reunited with her best friends to celebrate Annie & Jono. I fell in LOVE with her right then and there!

the night we met in LA- love at first sight

I had met Abby before, Freshman year of college, although she claims Sophomore, but we never ran around the same crowd, except for a few common good friends. But didn't REALLY know each other at all. So technically people would tend to say it wasn't love at first sight, but it was the very first time I was truly seeing her... It felt like a scene from a movie (there was even the background music from the Lounge!), the room went dark, then spotlight on her walking up the stairs. She was the most beautiful person in the room, really the most beautiful person I had ever set my eyes on. My heart leaped, and this strange feeling of peace and excitement ran through it. I felt like everything that I needed to know about this girl, I knew. Everything I needed my wife to have, she had. And I knew that everything she would need I would have and I HAD TO HAVE the girl... I had to have the girl that would one day become my wife!!!!

after the rehearsal dinner

I pursued her that weekend, was bold, very forward, whispered some sweet nothings, and made some nice promises. Everything I said and every way I acted set the stage for me coming off as the perfect sleeze.

my date to Annie/ Jono's wedding

Before we left L.A., I told her I wanted to take her out on a date... in June! When I would be back for another wedding. She said ok but I definitely knew I had my work cut out for me!
I missed my connecting flight in Dallas for France, and stayed in town that night. I blew it with Abby, so much that her sister told her she didn't like me! I knew it too...I got too busy, too awkward, too upset with circumstances. I called her that night and apologized for being lame and I wanted to see her the next day for lunch before I left for France, of course... She blew me off! I don't blame her and I myself definitely knew I had blown it and it would take some great effort to get the girl of my dreams, the love of my life (which by the way she didn't know I felt like that then, she'd have thought I was a crazy lunatic, and for sure would not give me the time of day!) to actually give me a/another shot with her.

So when I got dropped off at the airport by my friend Grant, I went inside, and went through the whole ticketing process, and had a knot in my stomach. I stopped the lady and asked her if I could delay my flight for a couple of days, when asked me for a reason, I said: "Because I have to go see about a girl!" (Thank you Good Will Hunting...)

I called Abby and told her I couldn't wait until June, and just had to take her out on a date that night! Leaving her was the hardest thing to do, talking to her for hours on the phone, was the greatest feeling, and I figured seeing her would be even better, so after Johnny's wedding in June, it was decided that August would be the move back date. She had been waiting too long, and I couldn't take it anymore, I needed to be with her!

Dallas in June

I already knew I wanted to marry her but spending time with Abby in person for the next 10 months solidified everything I had known from the moment I saw her. So after talking to her parents and designing the ring that I thought was most fitting for Abby, I asked her to marry me in Napa Valley with the help of her best friend Alexis. Then began the 5 months of prep for our big day. And on Friday, October 30, 2009 at 6:52pm (ish) we were officially pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Logan Misegades. Then began our lifelong adventure together.

THE ACTUAL MOMENT- not staged!
engagement pics
Our wedding day

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