Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grass appears greener...

I have been thinking about this a ton lately.  Why is it so hard to be content with where we are at in life sometimes? I find myself always waiting on the next big thing and not really soaking up the present.  That sparkly ring, that new job, that pay raise, that new house, that baby, that vacation, that balance in our bank account... THEN we will have ALL our ducks in a row.  (Yeah right... there will always be something else! It's an endless cycle.)

As a result of this, we sometimes escape into other people's reality ... people that we look up to, admire, are curious about... and we wonder- what would it be like to have THEIR life instead of mine? Celebrities, friends, bloggers... I am guilty of all 3.  (Especially reality TV- I get WAY too invested in it... PS if you were wondering I am on Team Brad and Emily living happily ever after and beating the odds!)

One of my friends Erin told me (quite wisely) - the crazy thing is ... for every person that you are looking to, there is probably someone looking at YOU - YES little ol' YOU... thinking the exact same thing. Have you ever thought about that?

I am SO thankful to have the life that I have been given- my goodness I have my HOTTIE husband, my health, my family, my wonderful job, and on and on... so every once in awhile I need to step back, take a deep breath and look around me.  Take inventory of all my blessings and live in the moment.  Make the "every day" (at times mundane) mean something- or else we will miss it all by constantly wishing for the future.

We were at a marriage conference at our church recently and they told us:

"The grass may look greener, but you aren't the one getting the water bill."

Translation: You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors... so instead of being snoopy neighbor, why don't you worry about watering your own lawn. Making the life you have been given really mean something instead of constantly looking across the street.  No one is perfect. No one has a perfect life.  We are uncomfortable in this world at times because we were made for another.  There is only One thing will be able to fill that void and longing.

With that being said... go water your lawn :)

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! so true, and yeah that eg can be pretty wise in her old age ;)



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