Thursday, March 31, 2011

Month in Review: March

March was such a FAST but FUN month for us! We did a lot which is probably why it flew by! It included a marriage conference, a trip to College Station, Supper Club, hanging with my Houston Misegades clan, a wedding reception, several patio happy hours, lots of porch time, a concert (Il Gato- my friend from LHHS), a few birthdays, a DIY project, and the most important- the birth of a beautiful and healthy baby girl! Here are a few snapshots from March. 

 Nicki and I may or may not have snuck in water bottles of Merlot into the movie theater... dont judge :)

 My Frenchy made crepes for the Doctor-to-be... Dr. Cochran that is :)

 Some live music in Downtown Bryan!

Some antique shopping w/ Nickster ... including a tour of an RV. :) What a random and fun day!

St. Patty's day on the porch... my lovely entertainment.

My finished product! Not too shabby :)

My gals had the Bachelor finale watching party! BRAD + EMILY + LIL RICKI = 4EVER :)
NORA!!! A beautiful day for a Texas wedding reception.
Moose's home in Colleyville.
Me and my buddy Seth 
Meeting Lola Kate (again)

Ohhhhh so cute :)

More porch time... we embrace the Spring weather... since it seems to last only a matter of weeks!

A new "do"

The death of 2 things near and dear to my heart... are you kidding?!?!?! Within 1 week of each other... not sure how I will be taking pics next month... My bday is next week- maybe I can add that to my wish list?

April is near... I see tulips :)

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  1. I did not know about your camera! Bummer! Looking forward to celebrating your bday next week (however, sorry, I already bought your gift!)



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