Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Weekend and Happy Spring!!!

I thought this idea was ADORABLE! I found it this week and want to have it at my next house party :) 

I have also discovered some new tunes and bands that I think you will LOVE! They are all a bit chill and mellow + 2 of the songs are really great breakup songs... haha... I know that sounds weird, but after tough breakups I always found solace in GREAT music where I connected with what the artist was going through. Anywhoo- the break up days are over, but I still love the songs!  

I hope you have a great, sunny, 75 degree weekend. My friend Morgan is coming over tonight and we are going to make Sangria and refinish a new piece of furniture I got last weekend antique shopping in College Station. Can't wait to see how it turns out :)


  1. SO... hudson's birthday party was this weekend, and i checked your blog the day before and saw that rainbow fruit tray and knew right away i had to do it for the party. IT TURNED OUT SUPER CUTE and was a hit! thanks for the creative inspiration, as always. :) it was a sneaky way to get kiddos to eat healthy fruit!

  2. that makes me so happy!!! I was thinking it would be perfect for a kiddos bday party! Glad the trick worked :)



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