Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's in my bag? Makeup Edition.

What's in my makeup bag?

What's in my makeup bag? by abbymisegades on

This is literally a comprehensive look at my makeup bag and I don't even have a stash of makeup left behind at home... (Appalling, I know!) I am the type of girl who would rather sleep 10 more minutes in the morning and put on my makeup as I drive to work.  I try to wait until stop lights... and then the parking garage for eyeliner and mascara! :)

I am always amazed at pictures where I've had my makeup done because I fully realize I could look a lot BETTER every day if I just took the time to learn how to do makeup and spent more time doing it, but that is where it stops.  The staples that I have found have done me well and Logan loves the fact that I don't look much different with or without makeup on b/c I keep it very minimal and natural.  

On that note here we go:
  • Chap Stick: as in the BRAND Chap Stick. I love the original. I use it every morning before my lip gloss goes on and every night before bed. I literally cannot sleep if my lips are dry. 
  • Sugar: this is also chap stick by Fresh (we sell it at Neimans)- my boss gave it to me in my Christmas gift. I love the way it smells and makes my lips feel, but I typically go for the Chap Stick to be honest. 
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Powder: I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I have never worn foundation until 6 months ago because I don't like the idea of painting my face. However, I noticed my coworker had flawless skin and she told me about this stuff and how it goes on very lightly (like powder) but gives you FULL coverage and makes your skin look all one tone.  I decided to try it out and although it is my most expensive item in my makeup bag, it has proven to be my favorite new purchase! It really blends all of your skin tones and looks very natural (not heavy at all!)
  • Physicians formula bronzer:  I learned about this in college. I am "Snow White" most of the year...but when days roll around where I look ill and am in desperate need of color, I blend this in on top of my powder/ foundation to give myself some color.  
  • Covergirl "Shimmery Sands" eyeshadow: Don't laugh. I have used this stuff since JUNIOR HIGH!!!! AHHH... I found out last year they were going to discontinue it and almost cried.  But alas, I found it at CVS just last week.  I mostly use the middle color- I love eyelids with shimmer. (NOT to be confused with glitter)
  • Covergirl Concealer:  This stuff has been amazing! I don't like the wet paint feel on my face, so the lipstick like feel does better on my skin. (plus I feel like its thicker and give more coverage)
  • Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner crayon: I am not kidding- If i was stranded on an island with ONE makeup item in would be a toss up between my eyeliner and my concealer!  Note: Liquid eyeliner FREAKS me out, the type with the brush and powder is WAY too hard for me to do quickly and in the car, and the pencil... oh the pencil... it scratches me when it gets too dull and I am too lazy or cant find a sharpener. The crayon is awesome b/c you literally just screw the bottom and it pops up!
  • Chanel lipgloss: Ahhhhhh... my other splurge.  I do NOT do lipSTICK... I do gloss, always.   I love the shade "Imaginaire" that my friend Erin introduced me to.  It is the perfect amount of color and has some shimmer worked in as well.
  • Great Lash Mascara: Another cheapy drug store purchase that I love.  This mascara is constantly awarded by every major fashion magazine and is even used by celebrities such as my muse, Rachel Bilson.  It doesn't get much better than this!
  • Elf Blush: I have yet to find a blush that I LOVE... This is just a pretty pink shade ("tickled pink")  I found at CVS that does the trick.  I am not a huge blush girl, but I do like color on my cheeks- especially in the summer to give the illusion of being a bit sun kissed.  Any suggestions on how I can step up my blush game? 
Hannabelle- I hope I didn't disappoint.  Also- if ANYONE would like to give me a lesson on "fancy makeup" tricks... I am ALL EARS!!! 
Happy Hump Day :) 


  1. NARS blush in Orgasm is my favorite :)

  2. oooooooohhhhh sounds scandalously lovely! I will have to try it out!

  3. Apparently they are getting rid of Imaginaire...silly Chanel...stock up!!



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