Friday, April 29, 2011

5 things that are making me smile :)

1.  I am going to THIS tomorrow! I cannot wait to support the local handmade artists.

2. I saw this video on Lauren Conrad's new blog. It had me giggling at my desk. "The Tragedy of First Position."

3. THIS girl is coming in town this weekend as a belated birthday gift to me! Can't wait for some QT Nicki/ Abby time.

4. Need I state the obvious... a breathtaking piece of history took place today (while I slept in)... BUT I get to watch it on Morgan's Tivo tonight! Kate is stunning and I LOVE her dress. A real life good sappy fairytale- break out the wine and tissues! 

5.  Even if we aren't a princess we can still live this way! I know I try to :)


Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. abby. i am CRYING from that video!! tears... streaming... uncontrollable! that was too much!!

  2. Can't wait to go to the Handmade Craft Fair! Right up our alley!



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