Monday, May 2, 2011

Month in Review: April

April is always a fun month full of celebrating. I also got quality catch up time with some of my favorite out-of-towners: Amanda Snodgrass, Bromli Breedlove, and Nicki Cochran! Lucky me :)  Here are some other highlights:

Celebrating Alexis' bday at the West Village! (We are only 3 days apart!)

A fun-filled (windy) day at White Rock lake complete with TC's shaved ice!

My bday celebration at ENOS w/ Dad, Kelley, Dylan, Logan, and Katy :)

A YUMMY bday brunch at Taverna!

Karaoke Cab! A first time experience.

The PERFECT shade of lilac for Spring :) (Essie: St. Lucia Lilac)

Discovering this new bar with some gals... Very Austin-esque w/ a HUGE patio!

A rainy but triumphant Supper Club night at the Arboretum for concerts in the garden!

More quality time w/ cutie Lola Kate Houston :)

And some fun Easter celebrations :)

April was a great month!!! Lets hope the weather in MAY gets a bit nicer than the past 2 days... I already packed up my winter clothes and it is 48 degrees and raining today! brrrrrrrrrrr!

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