Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April showers....

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Sorry I have been MIA... I got a little bout of contaminated something or other this weekend which subsequently ruined my drive-in movie date with my hubby :( When trying to re-create our fun-filled day on Sunday, I just got sick again.  After 2 days of going home early from work, I finally went to Primacare yesterday (and that is a whole other sitcom for a later date... if I ever even share) and was sent home with anti-nausea medicine and strict orders to relax and drink as much Gatorade as humanly possible.  So I am considering this my "April shower" ... AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!! It was not that kind of sick, believe me! Today I am feeling MUCH better and I have so much to look forward to for the rest of the month.  BONUS:  Water for Elephants and Something Borrowed come out in a few weeks... so maybe the drive-in movie will be an even more perfect experience! (for me at least ha!)

I honestly had the BEST birthday up until Saturday afternoon and got some pretty sweet loot including:
  • A CRICUT.... I was so out of the loop on this technology but apparently its a Scrapbooker's MECCA! Its basically an electronic die cut machine if I understand it correctly- score!
  • A massage!!! ahhhhhhhhhh heavenly
  • PJ pants (I may or may not have ruined 2 pairs in 1 week... 1 was while doing the can-opener in the kitchen- the dance move, not the appliance- we like to dance and cook haha)
  • An adorable "tribal" handbag from my old stomping grounds at Fossil
  • An overnight tee reading "I heart French Kissing" haha thanks Brenda!
  • 2 cute dresses from my sis (1 for work 1 for play)
  • A Best Buy GC that I used to get my new ELPH point and shoot Canon! I love it :)
  • Work out clothes that match my new running shoes! (that was not planned, just coincidence)
Overall it was a great birthday.  I have asked some peeps to send me some pics of the festivities since I didn't quite have a camera yet- so I will post those later this week!

Hope everyone has a Happy Hump Day!!! I must admit- I am happy to be back at work. Daytime TV BLOWS!!! I saw the weirdest interview this week on Oprah with Shirley McLaine reincarnating herself?  She did call Oprah an alien though and I found that humorous. Had no idea this was Oprah's last season... only 30 episodes left.  What are the stay at home mommas going to do!?!? I know- Ellen :) She is way more entertaining in my opinion. Or Law & Order seems to be on all day, every day haha! Okay enough rambling- have a great night!

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  1. Ha.. um, the stay at home mama's are going to do the same thing they've always done- keep on wishin' they had time to actually sit down and watch a show during their wonderful but CRAZY days!!



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