Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spotlight on: Mumford & Sons

THE BAND: Mumford & Sons. We are totally bandwagon fans.  (BUT I'm going to give us credit, we were fans pre-Grammys and 102.1 The Edge)

WHY: I love that their lyrics are inspired by literature, not by other artists (these are intelligent dudes) and that they have a fresh take on folk music that sounds unlike anything else out there. Logan said the other night if he could be a musician, he would want his songs to resonate with people the way what M&S does with him.  He described their music as an experience where he breathes in the music and lyrics because they speak to his soul and subsequently gets lost in the album. Once you hear it you are never the same again. (Logan is fiercely passionate about music as you can tell by his dramatic, yet insightful assessment of the band)  

THE TOUR: We are so jealous of everyone that gets to go to THIS. Coming from a marketing dork, this is a very cool, innovative branding concept/ PR ploy...yet it fits these bands and their style & sound flawlessly.  Genius idea for a Railroad Tour. (And how perfect that they are making a pit stop in Marfa!?!?) 

THE LYRICS: I am a lyric girl... and these are some of my favorite lines. Religious? Literary? Am I overanlyzing? Either way, they speak to me in a deep way.  
  • Where you invest your love, you invest your life.  
  • Can you kneel before the King and say I'm clean.  
  • Lead me to the Truth and I will follow you with my whole life.
  • I need freedom now; And I need to know how; To live my life as it's meant to be.
  • You can understand dependence, when you know the Maker's hand.
  • Awake, my soul. For you were made to meet your Maker.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do! 


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  1. confessional: we don't get out much, so i hadn't heard of them before grammy's. but it was love at first sight. good stuff, turn it up!!



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