Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend was Egg-celent!

This weekend was so much fun! Friday night Logan and I tried out Victor Tangos for dinner (somewhat disappointed in the food) and then went to have some drinks at J. Blacks on the patio to stall until Logan's best man Grant got in town from Colorado.  I love the Henderson area - its the perfect blend of Uptown & Lower Greenville- just our style! Sadly, I tuckered out and went to bed while Logan stayed up until 3am on our front porch catching up with his bestie.  Apparently around 2am a guy got arrested right by our bedroom window!!! (He was relieving himself in our bushes... ahem... yeah gross! Luckily, I slept through the whole thing.) 

Saturday morning I got to cash in my massage that I got for my bday! (Thank you Morgan, Katie, and Annie!!!) It was heavenly... then we went to celebrate Easter early with my Mom and Chris.  We had a huge Easter lunch (Hawaiian chicken yum!) and LOTS of desserts. My sister's BFF Kaila was in town from Memphis and we all got Easter bags this year.  The gals bags were filled with an InStyle magazine, candy, Essie nail polish, a Tylers candle, and felt tip markets- my favorite! Logan got some Peeps, candy, and a gift card to Top Golf...Essie isn't really his cup of tea :) We also recently started the "Cash" egg hunt... this year on our table, we had eggs (some candy and some $$) and each of us had to pick ours out 1 by 1- we could trade or steal and at the end we all opened them up to find out if we got candy, $5, $10, or $20! I got a $20 + some candy, score!

After lunch we went to see Water for Elephants and it was AWESOME! I haven't read the book (although now I want to). I am somewhat intrigued and mesmerized by the 30's/flapper era. The movie was suspenseful and romantic and will keep you guessing. Go see it!

Sunday morning we went to Gateway for church and it was amazing as usual. Afterward, we were invited to lunch at Kelley's mom's house (we call her Nana).  We feasted on Easter turkey, veggies, and mac & cheese and sipped on mimosas! It was so fun to hang out and visit for a few hours. (I sadly got wrapped up in conversation and forgot to take pics! shame on me) 

When we got home last night it was dark, raining, hailing, and lightning = perfect movie weather!!! (pending the power didn't go out)  Logan went to rent a movie he has been dying to introduce me is his favorite French flick "Amelie" and it did not disappoint! I loved how quirky the movie was and the subtitles didn't bother fact, after the first 5-10 minutes I didn't even notice them.  We are going to try to rent a French movie 2x per month to try to help me start absorbing the language.

What did you do for Easter? Any Easter egg hunts? Our precious neighborhood had a huge one in the park by our house complete with relay races, bounce houses, and face painting... I sort of wanted to crash it! I guess it will be a few more years until we attend those kinds of festivities. Until then, I will stick to my InStyle, Essie, and cash egg hunts :)

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  1. thank you, for making our holiday better. remember, when things look bad; bet on the elephant.



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