Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Karaoke Cab - A Night to Remember...

So Miss Brenda Marr turned 30 this year and one of her gifts was 2 hours in the KARAOKE CAB! I had never even heard about it but let me just tell you a few things about this evening:
  •  Francisco (our cab driver) was our entertainment & MC with his jokes and inappropriate comments among being a multi-task expert of driving & singing! (safety?)  
  • He was in love with Morgan. Proof can be found in the "day after" email to Brenda and on the front page of his website. (we are featured!)
    • Hi, Brenda Marr - this Francisco tell Morgan, I hope this is the name, I still love her, this is the result of love, just click here and check the front page, and tell her to call me.
  • Look at that CD-filled ceiling! The cab also has lights, a microphone for each person (including Francisco himself), and wait for it... a SMOKE machine!!! It got a bit over-used at times ha
  • The song list binders are VERY random ... and VERY misspelled. Only 1 Dixie Chicks song- bummer. We capped off the evening with "Can you feel the love tonight?" - Elton John/ Lion King style!
  • I would highly suggest some adult beverages b/c the route he will take you on (total PR stunt) is to the RITZ, the W / Victory Park area, and West Village.  I don't think he got the memo that that type of demographic is more annoyed by karaoke than running up to grab his business cards... but we did have a few takers. 
  • Francisco had recently had a wreck, so in order to get in the front passenger seat, you had to climb through the window... charming :)
  • At the W, we met a Bachelorette Party that we stopped and sang "Like a Virgin" was highly entertaining. At least they appreciated us!
I was going to make a highlight reel but for some reason my Mac won't let me download other people's iPhone videos... so alas, I found a way at work to upload them to YouTube... so here are a few, unedited videos for your entertainment. Don't judge. Enjoy!

Morgan and Fransico's Duet - "My Humps"  

Brenda's Solo: Shakira


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