Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Smiles :)

1. GO MAVS!!!!!! The past few weeks, our household has revolved around the MAVS Playoffs schedule. I am sure many of you can relate :) Logan actually got to meet Ian Mahimi a few weeks ago. Click here to read that story! PS I really want this shirt  to show my team spirit!!

2. Been drooling over these...but FOUND these! One of my coworkers took the plunge w/ the Stuart Weitzmans and my other coworker simply bought these rip offs... Side by side I could NOT tell the difference.  Can you? $365 vs. $26

3. I basically want to re-create this EXACT thing in my room.

4. Love these beautiful prints from Castle.  Too bad they are so $$ and in Australia.  This is my favorite one.

5. It was officially announced at my job that 2 o'clock FRIDAYS ... start NEXT WEEK!!! :) :) :) (below is my "happy dance")

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