Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Confession Time

Confession: I have been cheating on blogger for the past week. (gasp!) I know... judge me. (But blogger really has kind of been a pest the past week- all you bloggers feel me I am sure)

BUT, I have recently been intrigued by Tumblr and the idea of free flowing thoughts, 1 sentence posts, and the spontaneity of not having to worry about paragraphs - posting a short random story, a conversation, a picture, a link... with an explanation, or not... b/c you don't feel like it , cant explain it in words, or just don't have the time to haha! I have all these thoughts and ideas in my head and I need an outlet/ place to put them ... on the fly, in the moment, spit them out into the universe and just continue to go about my day instead of thinking That would be a GREAT blog post, I need to remember that.

Anywhoo... I joined and I LOVE IT!! It is like a mixture of Pinterest and Twitter combined! The beautiful images, the random one liners... the constant flow.

But then I thought... am I crazy to have 2 blogs? Am I on social media overload (Logan is nodding YES....)

What I like about Blogger:
The layout.
The clean, crisp, well thought out updates and ideas.
The themes of posts.
The organization.
Even the customized look of blogger! (I haven't really figured out how to get creative with Tumblr at this point so bare with me)

What I love about Tumblr:
Organized chaos
Coloring outside the lines
random thoughts
numerous posts throughout the day if I feel like it
the ease and flow
being in on the action in "real time" instead of scheduling posts

SO I think I am going to try to use both at this point. I am going to use Tumblr as my free flowing thoughts & ideas and my blog as more organized projects, updates, life stories, etc.

An Example to illustrate the difference at say, a birthday party.

For Blogger: It would take me probably an hour to pick out the photos (maybe edit if I have time), upload them, and tell the fun stories. (And it would be posted a day - at best - after the party happened)

For Tumblr: You will be in on the action. You will watch "insert his/ her name here" blow out their candles. I can take real time photos with my phone and bring the spontaneous action to you. (Like a twitter feed)

So I may be crazy...but I am having fun and want to try this out. I am not sure if this will turn into a shoot out and 1 will disappear and 1 become victorious, or if they will be different enough for me to take time to upkeep both of them. We shall see!

All that to say- thanks for making it through this rambling post and you can check me out HERE:

tumblr novice, blogger cheater, frenchman lover.

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  1. Love the new blog!! Can't figure out how to post a comment on it. But I am laughing out loud at the story of Logan meeting Ian in the grocery store!



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