Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Beautiful Wedding

We had a GREAT time this past weekend at Michael and Jennifer's wedding.  Jennifer was my BFF when we were little.  We lived down the street from each other and traded off houses each afternoon after school. My house had the pool and her house had the swing set.  We took nature walks, did Saturday morning crafts, made up gymnastics routines, playing school (she had an overhead projector) and watched Lois & Clark on Sunday nights together.  I was so sad when they moved to Allen in 5th grade, but we have stayed in touch throughout the years.  When she moved, we decided that we would always say "See you tomorrow" instead of goodbye so we didn't have to get sad.  That is how we both signed each other's guest books at our weddings as well :)

I am so thrilled for her and the wedding was beautiful.  Perkins Chapel is always stunning and the newly renovated Biblical Arts Center was an elegant backdrop to a wonderful sit down dinner reception.  We had cocktail hour in the gallery surrounded by beautiful artwork and the reception was in a big open room with plenty of room to dance and cut loose. 

Our evening may or may not have ended with us barefoot at Northpark mall shopping at Ann Taylor Loft. Hey, it was right there :) Champagne makes the Evans girls up for anything!

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  1. great photos. great description of a great wedding. beautiful bride. great looking groom. beautiful mother of the bride. suave father of the bride. the best part for me was celebrating with family.



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