Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Tips: Photographers

Recently, I have been asked for wedding advice & recommendations from either coworkers, friends, family members, or Katy's friends that are starting to get engaged... SO I thought I would do a few posts on wedding tips that I learned throughout my whole wedding research/ planning process.

A great photographer was my #1 SPLURGE MUST HAVE and I do not regret a single PENNY we spent on it either.  The whole evening is a whirlwind (and a bit of a blur to be honest) and I felt it was crucial to have photographs to help me remember the feelings and emotions of that night.  I look at ours all the time and love seeing everyone that came out to support us on our special day.

That being said, I HIGHLY recommend any of the below photographers for the DFW Area.  They are all amazing at engagements & weddings and have quite the portfolio to prove it.  All of them take the non-traditional, lifestyle approach which is what I love. Your pictures should and WILL look different than your parents wedding album :) They aim to capture the action, emotion, and beauty of your day. Take my word, you could not go wrong with any of the below. 

Katie Norris - A personal friend of mine, She took our engagement pictures and I am in love with her work. She just got voted best photographer in South Lake! I must say her detail shots are to die for! She is creative and makes sure all those little details that you put so much thought into, are captured.

Lauren Larsen - Lauren was a Chi Omega with me at Texas A&M. She is funky, sweet, super cool and honestly gets better with every single wedding I see her post. (if that is even possible!)

Sara Kate Barger - My friend Allison Bowen got married the March before our wedding and once I saw her engagements and wedding pictures, I knew I had found my girl.  Sarah Kate is so nice, knows how to take charge of a rowdy crowd, and I literally had no concerns or worries about how my pictures would turn out knowing that she was taking care of our day.  I was over the moon about our wedding pictures and I am so glad I went with her.  She also was super quick at editing - I got all of our wedding pictures on a DVD within days of us getting back from our Honeymoon!

Shaun Menary - We have a zillion mutual friends and have met a few times. He is also in the amazing band Sleeperstar. It doesn't seem fair that he is not only a talented musician,  but also has serious photography chops.  I like that he is a guy, because he really does take a different approach and sees things from a unique perspective.

Stacey Reeves - My best friend used Stacey and she is sweet as can be.  She is all about the non-traditional shots and makes you feel so comfortable on your big day. ALL of Alexis' pictures turned out amazing. (In fact, she had to double her book size to accommodate all the awesomeness) You cannot go wrong with Stacey and she has made a seriously awesome name for herself in the industry. She is even one of Style Me Pretty's recommended DFW photographers.

J May Photography - Oh my goodness! I love J May. She has done a few of my close friend's weddings and I am in love with her style.  She has done some of the most amazing engagement shoots I have seen to date! Her photos capture the action and emotion of your day flawlessly.

I hope this was somewhat beneficial.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions!
Me :)

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