Thursday, May 12, 2011

Caleb's Graduation Day

Caleb's graduation highlights:
  • Caleb Andrew "Frenchy" Misegades (watch the video)
  • sleeping on a tiny boy's dorm room mattress that squeaked with every movement I made
  • A midnight run to the SCARY Longview Walmart for masking tape (boy's gotta decorate the graduation hat!)
  • BEAUTIFUL 70 degree weather + beautiful Le Tourneau campus
  • Meeting Caleb's friends and mentors
  • A bouncing beach ball in the auditorium and the hilarious team spirit and group effort from the entire crowd (even old grandpas) to get it up to the 3rd level!
  • A heartfelt and emotional Graduation "Charge"
  • How Great Thou Art (so cool to see the difference in a small, Christian University's graduation vs. Texas A&M)
  • Caleb, Katy, and Nora's "fake" family portraits
  • Playing with a very giggly and ticklish Seth
  • Going row by row and voting on our favorite baby names from the program on the ride home... I would tell you, but I would have to kill you ;) haha!
CONGRATULATIONS CALEB!!!! We are very proud of you :)

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