Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Numbers Challenge

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs and thought I would take the challenge as well!

10 things I wish I could say to 10 different people
1. Don't settle. Be patient. You are SO deserving of a great love story.
2. I cannot imagine what you are going through and I am sorry.
3. God's timing is better than our timing.
4. You were my instant soul mate friend. Distance will not take it away from us.
5. I wish you were back, but I live vicariously through your great adventures!
6. I miss you all the time, but know you are in a better place.
7. It is all relative. Count your blessings.
8. You should take advantage of the present...because it is all about to change.
9. Do you even know how blessed you are?
10. How did I get so lucky? I don't feel like I deserve you sometimes.

9 things about myself
1. I get insecure sometimes.
2. I feel like I have a free spirit trapped in corporate America at times.
3. I do NOT like goat cheese.
4. I miss my iPhone... every.single.day.
5. I LOVE reading blogs... send me any good ones you ever run across!
6. I am content and very, very happy MOST of the time.
7. I like to pretend my life is a movie (with a soundtrack) and we are playing parts in a big fat love story adventure called life.  
8. I am super duper hard on myself and HATE letting people down. (Perfectionist since birth)
9. I love a fresh box of markers - it makes me smile ear to ear!

8 ways my husband won my heart
1. He was BOLD and extremely persistent.
3. those to-die-for blue eyes... give our babies those blue eyes please!
4. the way he would listen to me for hours on end b/c he wanted to know every single thing about me
5. How open he was about his feelings... no analyzing or reading between the lines
6. He thinks he is funny... and he is... but its a goofy sense of humor and he doesn't take life too seriously. He balances my Type A personality out in that way.
7. He is the most loyal friend I could ever have and he is my best friend. I know he would do ANYTHING for me.
8. The only man I could ever truly be 110% my complete "Abby" self with.

7 best feelings in the world
1. Holding a newborn
2. Watching a bride walk down the aisle
3. Getting a good long pedicure and foot rub
4. Fitting into your "skinny" jeans... I mean the ones you aspire to fit into :)
5. Finding the perfect present for someone!
6. Learning something new.

6 things I’m trying to improve about myself
1. serve Logan better - be less selfish
2. be okay not having things planned out - more spontaneous
3. read more, less TV
4. be better at saving money
5. being more assertive and confrontational when the time calls for it
6. Let go, and trust God with my future

5 people who inspire me
1. Elsie Flannigan- my favorite crafty self made woman!
2. My husband - because he has his priorities in check and can diffuse even the worst situations.
3. Melissa Jordan- the way she writes MOVES me. I wish I could have words like that to express how I am feeling. She lives a simple, wonderful, beautiful life.
4. Beth Moore - the woman is GIFTED. I love her passion and purpose and her sense of humor.
5. G-daddy  - the way he lived his life, read his Bible, and loved my Nannie. 

4 things I think I do pretty well
1. Encourage and listen to people (even strangers- I love to hear their stories)
2. Friendship.
3. Take pictures (not professional- just to document things)
4. Cook green beans! (random, I know...but I have mastered it)

3 songs that you listen to often (currently)
1. James Morrison- Precious Love
2. Mumford and Sons - Awake my Soul
3. Adele - Rolling in the Deep

2 things you want to do before you die
1. Be a mother
2. Live abroad.

1 confession
1. I used to squeeze all the cookies in the Potbelly line and pick out the softest/ squishiest one. 


  1. those are 4 things you do DARN well... not just pretty well. you are a tried and true friend of mine and YOU inspire ME!

  2. Love it! you are an amazing friend, wife and child of God! I am so blessed to know you! My friend Vanessa has a great blog: vanessascraftynest.blogspot.com and my cousin Meredith has a great one too- mydailyvice.blogspot.com!
    Love you friend!

  3. I love you Abby. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out and a gifted artist with your camera, markers, and words. XOXO, Mom

  4. i squeeze the cookies at Potbelly too!! Love you



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