Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Tips: Unique Venues

When searching for a wedding venue, I wanted something a little different.  By the time I got married, I felt like I had been to a wedding at almost at every venue in town.  It was important to me that mine stood out and didn't blend in with the rest, which brings me to Delaney Vineyards.

My mom had been to a wedding 5 years before I got hitched at Delaney Vineyards. She strategically put the venue in her back pocket until I met Logan and then whipped out the idea as an undiscovered jewel in Grapevine.  I was so thrilled because I had never heard of it, much less been to a wedding there.  The fact that Logan and I got engaged in Napa, made a winery/ barrel room very appropriate.  (They even state on their website that the Delaney building is modeled after a French chateau, but my French family highly disagreed with that assessment haha! Oh well, still gorgeous.) 

Delaney Vineyards

Below are some other venues where I would have LOVED to hold my reception.  They are all in the DFW area and honestly, they are on the more affordable side of things which is ALWAYS a bonus! 

Cotton Mill in McKinney
I had my bridal portraits here and once I walked inside, I had one of those "oh shoot I should have had my wedding here" moments.  The ambiance is very rustic with a TON of really cool backdrops for gorgeous photos.  Lots of windows, huge open rooms, wood floors, and great lighting.  My stepbrother is getting married there this summer and I cannot wait!

Hickory Street Annex 
I have never attended a wedding at Hickory Street, but have seen a ton of really cool photos of weddings thrown here! The only drawback is you are working with an open room so decorations are a must.  That being said, you can dress up and down this area to match your personal taste and style.  I LOVE the weddings here that are filled with the glow of paper lanterns. Magical :)

Winfrey Point at White Rock Lake  
This venue has the space, the view, and everything in between.  Similar to Hickory Street Annex, it is pretty bare bones so its up to you and your creativity to make the space yours.  You can have an elegant wedding here, or a very simple, casual wedding. Guests can venture out onto the porch that overlooks the lake and forget that they are in the DFW Metroplex for the night. 

The Filter Building at White Rock Lake
Another rustic building with a GREAT view of White Rock Lake.  This venue has character and only needs simple decorations (in my opinion) because you are working with such a unique room aesthetic.  It is perfect for a smaller, more intimate wedding and has great photo opps outside by the lake! 

Marie Gabrielle  
Sigh.... It doesn't get much prettier than the garden at Marie Gabrielle.  You get married under a canopy of trees and have a pond right next door for cocktail hour and to-die-for pictures.  The only stressful part, is hitting good weather in the unpredictable state of Texas. There is no real "Plan B" with this venue.  The food here is OUTSTANDING (Marie Gabrielle is a restaurant, so they do the catering), and I love the dark moody lighting of the interior.  Every wedding I have attended here has been breathtaking.

I love all of these venues so much. I wish I could have had 10 different weddings with 10 different vibes! Each one sparks so much creativity and personality.  Happy Thursday :)
all images were found via google images


  1. oh hickory street annex how i love you! katie mac's reception is there.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for this post! I came across it a few months back when I was looking for a wedding venue and this is where I discovered Hickory Street Annex. We are getting married there next year! Thanks so much :)

    1. I JUST saw this... sounds like your wedding is coming up, congrats!!! So glad it helped you out :)

  3. Wow what a stunning wedding photos..I really love the designs and decorations of the wedding reception..

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    1. I know, right??? So many great options to choose from in Dallas!

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