Friday, June 3, 2011

5 :)

1. New Coldplay song released today. I LOVE it!!!

2. Pouting in pigtails.  I have never seen such a cutie pout in all my life.  If only I could look this cute when I pouted :) haha! Note:  I never had cute pigtails when I was this little... in fact, I had a mullet until about 3rd grade b/c my hair wouldn't grow.

3. Love this "Wedding Advice" photo opp.  Precious. Reminds me of both of my grandparents.

4. I cannot WAIT to see this flick!! My girl crush, my city crush. Oui Oui~

5.  Best for last. A few headlines today: "Biggest win for the Mavs in FRANCHISE history!" "Miami celebrated too early. Dallas proved (once again) it's never too late. Dirk? He's feeling just great. " "Star's left-handed layup on injured finger mixes with determination to rescue Game 2."

We watched the game last night on a HD Projector screen in Logan's friends PENTHOUSE in Turtle Creek... yes you read the right.  We were in a very Blair Waldorf-esque was amazing!!! Was that game not intense, unexpected, and exciting? If you gave up in the 3rd quarter (like most of us were starting to), I hope you watched the 4th.  After the win there was some yelling, hugging, and high kicks!  READ THIS (found via my friend Erin) on why everyone should be rooting for the Mavs! I could go on a rant as to how much I despise the Heat, especially the cockiness of LeBron James (King James?- barf) but I will let this article speak for itself.  Also- can we get some NEW COMMENTATORS??? Holy moly they are biased. 

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  1. A penthouse?! We thought the HD projector screen was cool!



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