Thursday, June 2, 2011

Adventures in Austin - Part 2

Here is a peek at our Sunday adventures via Canon :)

Logan was looking studly at breakfast.  We chose Abels on the Lake and were literally the first ones there at 10am. Apparently the folks in Austin like to sleep in... ha!


Our good friends Corey & Isaac met us there and we got a seat right by the water. It was surprisingly not that hot. I had French toast and mimosas, yum :)


The dapper gentleman after brunch.

Me and Corey :)


After brunch, we took a much needed nap... we were still pooped from the day before.  We bypassed Barton Springs this trip and traded it in for some QT with So Co. (South Congress)  First stop: Home Slice Pizza.

We drank bottled Cokes and ate DELICIOUS pizza. Logan said it ranked in his top 10 Favorite Pizzas!

We walked by Jo's Coffee Shop and took advantage of some graffiti. Apparently this is an Austin "hot spot" for engagement and wedding pictures.

Our favorite store to explore was Uncommon Objects.  It was filled floor to ceiling with unique randomness. I tried to talk Logan into some Cowboy boots, but he didn't bite.


They set their displays up in little "rooms"... this was my favorite one.  So much inspiration! I loved the coral and butter yellow color palette.


After Uncommon Objects, I picked up some new shades at a vintage store and we headed across the street to Hey Cupcake. We took this picture about 10 times b/c it was so windy haha!


It was set up in a cute airstream trailer. This dad/ daughter duo was adorable... they were on a "date"- precious.

I opted to get a Sno Cone as well because it was so flipping hot outside! Aren't my glasses cute???


Later that night, we went back to the Domain to see Corey & Isaac's apartment and they took us to a yummy dinner at Seconds. We topped off our evening at Amy's Ice Cream and I can vouch for the fact that it kicks Marble Slab's booty...for real!

We headed home the next day relaxed, refreshed, and a little sad that it was over.  We tossed around the idea of getting jobs at Whole Foods and never coming back to Dallas, but figured that wasn't a wise decision.  The vibe of Austin is just so much more relaxed and less rat race.  We will be back very soon, that is for sure :)

PS you have to admit our pictures are like a zillion times clearer/ better. We highly, highly recommend the Canon Rebel. We had such fun with her this weekend!


  1. ya'lls pictures look great!

  2. the only thing better than your photos, or your sunglasses, would be your writing, or, your way cool shades!

  3. sorry, i guess sunglasses and shades would be redundant.

  4. Oh I miss Amy's Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!



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