Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adventures in Austin - Part 1

We got lots of camera shooting practice this weekend. At times, I think people really did think we were photographers b/c we were shooting everything interesting in sight! Logan really bonded with Canon at the wine festival... to the point, where I kind of got possessive and jealous haha! We will let the pictures tell the story of our weekend.

We went the back woods route to dodge Memorial Day weekend traffic.  We were told to stop through Hico at the Koffee Kup for some good home cookin'!


The famous chicken fried steak did not disappoint! After dinner, we drove through the beautiful Hill Country and got to Austin pretty late and crashed.


Saturday morning we went to have brunch/ lunch at Moonshine... one of my favorite Austin restaurants!


The menu was superb... I had the BLT and Logan had the Club sandwich... we sipped on mimosas and munched on popcorn while we waited on our food to arrive. 


After brunch, we were having so much fun we decided to sit out front on the rocking chairs and drink hard lemonades b/c they were THAT good!



It was EXTREMELY windy! But it helped with the whole 100 degree factor ;)


After brunch, we headed to the Austin Wine & Music festival.  There were tons of tents set up and after you bought your ticket, you were given an orange bracelet with 12 tear away tabs.  Each one was valid for a wine tasting at one of the tents! All of the wineries were from Texas - Lampasses, Dripping Springs, Fredricksburg, etc.


Although I am a red wine girl to the core, after my first Merlot tasting and the 100 degree heat, I decided it may not be my drink of choice for the day.


We stuck to Chardonnays and Roses for the rest of the day.


There were also some shopping/ food booths set up.  I especially loved the homemade Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar tasting.  We ended up buying the Peach flavored balsamic b/c it was so unique and yummy!


This is a water break under the concessions tent. We were about halfway done at this point ;)


MY DREAM.... This spunky 50 year old lady created this airstream called Gypsy Couture. We talked to her for a good long while about her passion for travel, food, and cute clothes!


Inside she has a little boutique set up and she travels in the little airstream from event to event instead of having a brick and mortar store.  This allows her and her husband to still travel :) Can I be her when I grow up? (PS the AC went out ...thus the reason my face matches my dress)


I am throwing this one in for good measure.  We fake staged this picture so it wouldn't be awkward for Logan to take a picture of this lady's chest area... but please read her shirt.  Classy folks ;)


After the festival, we went showered and got ready for dinner HERE.... um can I say YUM???

My cousin Lezli and her boyfriend treated us to dinner and then took us out to The Broken Spoke.

We did some two-stepping and beer drinking like true Texas folk :)


And around 1:30am, we crashed and burned after a FUN FILLED day in Austin. 

I will post Day 2 tomorrow!


  1. Omigosh! I frequented Broken Spoke in college! Loved it! So glad you got to see Lezli. Any of the wineries we toured Thanksgiving at the Wine Festival?

  2. great photos, great narration, and a great time. how cool is that.

  3. I'm so jealous of this post... the Hill Country drive (my stomping grounds), Austin, the wine festival, and that chicken fried steak! I'm counting down the days until my trip home in August!

  4. Sara! I have been meaning to ask you where your mom lives in Texas - you can't go wrong with any part of the Hill Country, I love it out there! Have a fun trip in August :)



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