Monday, June 13, 2011

The Sweet Taste of Victory!

My lovely friend Erin shared this video today. It gave me a tight throat and made me tear up at work.  Unfortunately, the AAC sold out of the Mavs Watch Party tickets in 40 minutes... should have jumped on that bandwagon MUCH earlier! That being said, we had quite the party in the living room and even moved the coffee table so we could have room to move around, jump, and scream! (and high kick)

I remember growing up a Mavs fan.  Back in the old cowyboy hat logo/ Reunion Arena days, they used to practice at my dad's office at the Tom Landry Center.  Watching them practice and going to games were some of my fondest memories growing up in Dallas.  First the Rangers, now the Mavs... what a great 2 years it has been for Dallas sports!

I am so proud of the Mavs. Classy. Good Guys. Veterans. Deserving. And Dirk... he deserved it all. Did anyone else choke up watching Dirk's mentor/ coach watch teary eyed as he accepted his MVP trophy?

I will for SURE find a way to attend the Mavs Celebration parade...its supposed to be the week of June 20th and Mark Cuban is footing the bill, so its sure to be spectacular.  It is also rumored that Mark wants to forego the National Champ rings and take it to the next level...he called rings "old school"... any guesses as to what that might be? Besides everyone getting Jet Terry's tatto? haha :)

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