Friday, June 10, 2011

5 :) FINALS Edition

So throughout the Finals, I have acquired nicknames for some of the players/ coaches. Logan thinks its pretty funny so in honor of the WIN last night, I thought I would share these as my 5 :) this Friday!

There are actually 7 instead of 5...because I had to.

1. Rick Carlisle = Jim Carrey
I noticed last night that even the commentators have started to call Rick Carlisle, Jim Carrey haha!

2. Erik Spoelstra = Benjamin Bratt
3. Chris Bosh ...its a toss up.... Snoop Dogg or a Raptor ... you decide :)

 4. Dwayne Wade = Usher
Logan doesn't see this one at all... maybe its just b/c I find them both extremely attractive black men haha!

 5. Shawn Marion = Skull
I don't know I just feel like he has a boney head that has a very defined SKULL shape
 6. Udonis Haslem = Lil Bow Wow (in 10 years)
 7. Mario Chalmers = Nick Cannon

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!! We are headed to the AAC to watch the game on Sunday night... hoping for a WIN!!! It has been such a roller coaster... nail biting, blood pressure, every game down to the wire....


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