Tuesday, July 19, 2011

France: Our NEW Home

At the top of that staircase is our apartment!  We will occupy 1/2 of the upstairs above the 8 room building.  The other 1/2 is currently used for storage.

Walk in and look to the right...

Look to the left... (No worries, we will be getting a queen sized bed... No "I Love Lucy" style for us... haha!)

A closer look at the kitchen

Taken from the back of the apartment looking toward the front door.

Looking to the right we have our clothing wardrobes, shower, and bathroom.

Like I mentioned before, I cannot wait to deck this place out with cute flea market finds and new decor that makes it feel more like home... I will be sure to post before/ after images as I make some progress.  My personality is usually to go out and get everything finished as quickly as possible, but I really want to take time on this because I think it will be good for me to have a little fun hobby to work on over time. I am hoping it will be close to being finished by Christmas when my mom and sister come over to visit! :)

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