Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saying goodbye to Neimans...

Next Friday will be my last day at Neiman Marcus.  This past week has been crazy starting with the 289 unread emails I walked into on Monday -  Hello, reality check! I have been working really hard to do my job, help support my manager (who is in NYC this week), plus wrap up loose ends and get things prepared for the new person who has not been hired yet.  It is such a whirlwind. There is a part of me that never wants to be replaced and doesn't want BG to move on without me because I have loved it so much... the other part of me fully realizes this is not personal, this is business and has to happen. But I can't help but cringe when I am sitting at my desk, listening to interviews for MY JOB and wanting to walk in, wave my arms, and say "I haven't left yet! I am still here!"  So many mixed emotions.

This week, my SVP called me personally from NYC amidst her busy schedule (she is my "Anna Wintour"- the BIG DOG, the woman Gossip Girl has to contact in order to shoot scenes in her store, she is friends with Tory Burch, you get my drift...I could go on...)  She called to tell me how excited she was for me! She looked at the Colorado website, made a few suggestions, and said that this is going to be the opportunity of a lifetime.  She wanted me to send her postcards from our travels, write a book, and keep in touch. (All of which I plan to do) When I asked her if this was going to mess up my "carreer path" she said "No Abby, if nothing else, by living abroad you are making yourself even more marketable.  Do you know how many people would kill to have that international experience?"  I guess that was the cherry on top.  In the short year and 1/2 I have worked here, I have made an impression and people care about and support me.  It has been such affirmation to me that this is the right thing for us to do, even if I am walking away from a "dream job." 

So I am here.  At a crossroads. About to jump. Take a risk. A leap of faith. And I know it is what I am supposed to do.

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  1. Abby, I am so proud of the responsible, creative employee you have become! You deserve every adulation you receive from NM and BG because of your dedication and strong work ethic. Most of all, I am proud of your bravery in making the move to France to live out the dream of a lifetime with your sweet husband. I will miss you but completely support the "next chapter" in your life!
    XOXO, Mom



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