Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Month in Review: June

After yesterday morning, I can now officially post my month in review for June.  I feel like I say this every month, but this month really was super BIG time busy!  We had showers, birthdays, visitors, World Champs, and a BIG move.  


This is Katy & I with my Dad on his birthday!

Lindsay's baby shower.  Baby Laine is on her way as I type!!!


Moving out of our beautiful home on Goliad!! I couldn't say anything about moving out until we had officially announced our move to France- since I knew lots of questions would be asked as to why in the world we moved out of this adorable duplex and in with my Mom & Chris.  Well, now you know! 

Moving Day! Why do we ALWAYS move in the Texas summer heat? Someday we will learn to end our lease in the Fall or Spring. 

The Deep Clean... we got our entire deposit back! We spent 2 hours on that labor of love. 

Our WORLD CHAMPS the Dallas Mavs... Neiman Marcus Downtown decked out their windows to support the team :) 

I also wore my team spirit colors to work in hopes of getting to attend the parade- but unfortunately, I had a meeting. 

The Memory Lane Inn craft retreat with my mom in Tyler, Texas. 

Kerri and Landon's Fiesta Couples Shower

Some QT with the Abilene Yarger clan.  Drew & Opa

Me and Miss Callie Jane

Callie loved to snuggle with Logan. Logan loves to make awkward faces for my pictures.

A Rangers game with some friends... so happy it was nighttime- not sure I would have lasted during the day on the 3rd level! 

A double date with Josh & Rob at Rise! This was the evening we ran into George & Laura Bush :) 

My girl BROMLI came in town and we all got to hang out and catch up!

Love her :) 

The boys LOVED the conga line at Monicas... 

My last 30/30 at Neimans did NOT include handbags or shoes (both of which were on my wish list- dang!) but Logan got to take advantage of it with the purchase of some Ray Bans... him and Chris are matching now... he's so cute in Wayfarers. 

This was a great month! I am SO happy that I can finally talk all about France on's been killing me! I bet you now understand why its been a stressful past few weeks.  I cannot wait to share all of our plans with you all in the weeks to come!

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