Wednesday, July 6, 2011

France: The Jobs

The 1st Question people typically ask is.... um, so what on EARTH will you be doing over there?

I can answer this in 2 parts:

1.  Logan's parents started building a Bed & Breakfast (well it can hold 75 people so its more like a hotel) in Central France in 1995.  They named it the Colorado and have been running it ever since.  Bob does the business and Sheri does the catering and hosting. The Colorado is the "bread and butter" of the company, so we will be helping maintain it while we launch a side project (#2).  I will be learning how to cook for big crowds and Logan will get to play his guitar as entertainment during meals.  We also have plans to update the place aesthetically and I am hoping to start a blog for the Colorado at some point.

Which brings me to #2...

2. The NEW project. This is the reason we were hired to come live in France. Logan's dad just purchased a plot of land adjacent to the local airport.  (The former French President lives 5 miles away) We are going to build a subdivision on this plot of land of 10 secondary log homes with attached airplane hangars.  Clients can land their planes and literally drive them/ park them in their personal garage.  Will (Logan's brother) has successfully done a project like this 2 hours south of Egletons and thinks it will work here as well.  Logan and I are going to focus on Marketing and Sales for this project.  We will most likely get to travel around to help find potential buyers :) Sounds pretty awesome huh?

We have committed to working for The Colorado for 2 years and then we will re-evaluate. 

We are SO looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead. 

You can visit the Colorado's current website HERE.
Become a FAN of The Colorado SARL (SARL in French = Inc.) HERE.

And here are a few pictures of the B&B.

PLEASE come visit :) I see a cabin with YOUR NAME ON IT!!!

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