Thursday, July 21, 2011

North Captiva Island: The Digs

I have fallen behind BIG time on our vacation pictures... Hopefully I can get caught up this weekend. Canon took almost 800 (she's really talented), but no one wants to sit through that, so I am going to try and break them up into a few posts for next week!

So the question I have gotten the most is: Where did you go and how do you get there? Well... we went to North Captiva Island off the coast of Florida. It involved a flight to Atlanta, another flight to Fort Meyers, a chartered bus to Winn Dixie to get our groceries for the week (we faxed them over ahead of time), and then a 30 minute boat taxi to the island!  It was well worth the trip. Below is us at the marina getting ready to ride the boat over to North Captiva.




When we pulled up to our place, we were shocked at how huge it was! It was a 3 BR, 3 Bath, 4 story house! The bottom level was for parking the golf cart (because there are literally ZERO cars allowed on the island) and the cute outdoor, post-sandy beach shower.




The second level had a small TV room, our 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The porch connected to our room had the hot tub!


The third level had an open kitchen, living, dining room with a connecting porch where we ate several meals.  It also included 1 Direct TV movie per night, so we got to rent a movie each night. Loved Source Code & Lincoln Lawyer!




 There was a spiral staircase in the living room that led to a cute little lofted reading nook. 

The view from my favorite reading spot :)



Off of the reading nook porch was a final spiral staircase that led onto the rooftop- perfect for views like THIS. (And no, that is in NO WAY photoshopped- it is the real deal!)  As you can see, we were walking distance to the beach. It was beautiful. 


Katy just got back from Costa Rica and she said we may as well save our money because it looked EXACTLY like North Captiva Island.  Lots of green, beautiful beaches, not touristy at all, and very quiet and secluded. I highly recommend it and hope to go back someday! Pack your "OFF" - The mosquitoes were terrible... but that was the ONLY negative from the entire week!

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