Friday, August 26, 2011

5 :)

Happy Friday everyone! In some ways I feel like the weeks are flying by and in other ways I feel like we have been gone for a month.  I am beginning to crave some Skype dates, so get ready for my requests :) 

This weekend our goals include:
  • Moving into our new apartment (yay privacy! yay unpacking!) 
  • FINALLY getting a cell phone plan for me (I finally was able to jailbreak my phone using trusty ol' google- we will see if it works!)
  • Researching where to stay in Bordeaux at the end of September when Alexis & Charlie come in town! Yippee!
Here are 5 pictures I took this week that made me smile :) 

1.  Post dinner story time with Uncle Logan.

2. This was taken at the Opera- that building behind me is actually a castle (chateau). It was beautiful. 

3. All of us at Intermission. The Opera was sung in German w/ French subtitles... so um, yeah I was quite confused...but it was a lovely, cultural experience. 

4. The FLOWERS are beautiful and they are EVERYWHERE! Every window, street corner, roundabout, & home. I want flowers like these in every window someday when we have a house! 

5. The happiest little man you will ever meet- My adorable nephew Ryan. He always bring a smile to my face!

Have a great weekend everyone :) 
Mrs. Frenchy


  1. I am smiling because you have had a great, eventful (although exhausting !) week. Yea for the apartment move in!! XO, Mom



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