Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cafe Brazil: Special Memories

Every Friday for the past year or so, I have eaten at Cafe Brazil on Lower Greenville with my girls. It started out as Morgan, Nicki, Jen, and myself and it was a time of laughter, tears, sometimes serious, sometimes surface level conversation.

You may remember last Fall we all went to "Painting with a Twist" as a girl's bonding night before Nicki moved to College Station for Kent's Med School.  Below are all of our "Cafe Brazil" paintings! 

In February, we lost Jen as she traveled the world with her husband.  She got back and then moved to Nashville last weekend for Steven's Grad School. 

July 29th was my last morning at Cafe Brazil with my sole remaining breakfast partner in crime- Morgan.  We felt it only fitting to donate my painting to the restaurant to be hung on the wall.  It was therapeutic, symbolic, and special.  (I told our waiter to please just leave it up while I was there and he could do what he wanted with it after I left!) 

When I got to breakfast, Morgan had printed out a picture of our table that we sat at EVERY Friday + a Cafe Brazil t-shirt! 

There is my painting! 

And it made it on the wall!!!  (Please don't tell me if it has since been taken down) 

Our most favorite waiter.... he was tattooed and funky and probably would be a good match for a nicer Kat Von D. 

Walking through life in authentic friendships... It was brilliant and wonderful and so special to me. I love you girls and cherish each one of you!   I also think we should donate ALL 4 of the paintings to make a complete set :) Hint Hint...

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