Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Few Observations

It has been a great few days! We are beginning to get in the groove of living in a foreign country and running a bed & breakfast.  In fact, we are over capacity right now, so Logan & I are staying with his parents because there are 3 people currently staying in our apartment! We should be able to move in next weekend which will be nice- then I can start unpacking, organizing, and nesting :)  Apparently there are some GREAT antique shops/ flea markets around here with treasures that are up to 100 years old!!! 

So far, I have only had one minor melt down and it was the night we arrived right before bed when I realized the reality of our situation and how long it would be until we saw family & friends again.  It was completely overwhelming, but I have honestly been fine ever since. I think the fact that Logan's family is here has helped me a TON! I love seeing my 2 nieces and nephew each day- they always make me smile :) I want to soak everything in and I do not want to waste one minute comparing it to what I am used to or complaining about how things are so different. Instead, I am trying to treat this as a blank canvas and a NEW experience that I am very lucky to have. 

Here are a few of my observations thus far:
  • French people do not drink coffee out of mugs, rather BOWLS
  • There is no AC.... anywhere... so windows are ALWAYS kept open
  • I have yet to meet someone in a hurry or acting impatient... people take their time here and the pace of life is much more relaxed and less "rat race"
  • The grocery store is GREAT vocabulary practice for me and is more or less the same as an American grocery store
  • The town SHUTS DOWN from 2-5pm (so do not try late lunches), most stores are open 1/2 days on Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday 
  • There are BEAUTIFUL bright flowers EVERYWHERE in town, it is VERY pretty!
  • The local pool requires men to wear SPEEDOS ONLY. No swim trunks allowed (hahaha love it!) 
  • Bread is put on the table, not on the plate. 
  • Wine is acceptable at ANY time of the day.
  • They LOVE Lady GaGa and Britney Spears over here! Awesome. 
  • Most French women wear their hair natural- wavy, curly, etc.  I did that for a few days and then decided to purchase a hair dryer and straightener.... I am AMERICAN after all! :) 
  • Since this town is so tiny, people know each other and run into each other all the time.  We had the grocery store owner Marc, over for aparetifs (appetizers) the other night. 
  • People leave their car keys in their cars here.  
Okay okay, I know you really just want to see some pictures, so here are a few from our iPhone! 

Kailyn & Sophia at our pond on The Colorado property 

We took a long walk around the entire place the day we got there! 

My first grocery store (supermarche) shopping experience! 

Egletons... adorable. Lots of cute flowers! 

The Frenchman shaved himself a mustache... it looks hanus.  It will NOT be staying to visit us for very long! 

My first castle sighting in town... yes, someone gets to live there! 

 I love the mornings... especially when we pick up pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants) ! 

This is the spot where we had an afternoon glass of Rose and relaxed.  Not too shabby :) 

Santé! (Cheers) 

MY ADORABLE and HAPPY nephew Ryan.  He doesn't like to wear pants. haha! 

 Making my first meal with Kristin.  We made vegetarian and regular Chili - chili is NOT popular at all in France, so the Frenchies love it! We made it for 60 people!!! 

 Learning to cook in BULK! 

The vegetarian chili... yum! 

Just hanging out :) 

Miss you all... Bisous (kisses) xo,
Mrs. Frenchy 


  1. My very own mini photo album...thank you! The flowers are beautiful in Egleton! Chocolate croissants? yes, please! And Ryan with his piggy adorable! What amazing insight you have ...don't compare, just slow down form the American Rat Race, soak it all in and ENJOY this chapter of your life!
    XOXO, Mom

  2. Does this mean Logan will be purchasing a speedo?? Pics of that please, ha!! Misssss you!!

  3. thank you, for posting where i can read it. you are a great storyteller. have fun!

  4. It's nice to see you settling in and sampling the joys of rosé :-)

  5. love the updates...looks lovely! miss you!!!

  6. is it weird to anyone else that annie wants to see logan in a speedo?!!?

    okay..i LOVE that everything shuts down in the afternoon and is closed most of the weekend... that pace of life would be so nice.

  7. ummmmm ... i am still in need of your vegetarian chili recipe! looks sooo yummy!! does the colorado have a recipe book? that could be good fun.



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