Friday, August 19, 2011

Bienvenue en France!

Sorry it has been a bit quiet around these parts this week- but I can MORE than make up for it today :) 

I have put together a mini movie of our 24 hour move that lasts about 9 minutes! I hope you enjoy it.  I will be doing a ton of these moving forward- it was SO much fun! (Isn't it funny how we have such GREAT technology and choose to make things look old?) 

I miss you all and cannot wait to share everything we have been up to this week! 

Au Revior (for now),
Mrs. Frenchy (officially!!!) 


  1. Abby,

    I am absolutely blown away by this video. I seriously have no words. Glad you guys made it there safe and sound. Looking forward to more videos!

    Love you,
    ~Heather & Jeff

  2. Such a great job with the video! I'm so excited to follow your adventures via the blog :) wish you both the best of luck and hopefully we'll be able to come visit you sometime over the next couple of years! yay!
    kelly & mark

  3. This is an unbelievably artistic, heartfelt video; put together masterfully and thoughtfully. Thank you for taking time to share your journey with all of us. And it's only covering Days 1 & 2...can't wait until the next round.
    Love you and miss you!
    XOXO, Mom

  4. video is amazing!! please, please share your secrets. i must attempt a video, although it will never compare...



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