Friday, September 16, 2011

5 :)

Happy Friday everyone! Here are a few of my finds this week.  

1. Fall Fashion - Blazer meets floral meets stripes! It somehow works and I love it. 

2. The NEW Coldplay song Paradise... I am not sure, but it sounds like Chris' good friend Jay Z may have had an influence on the sound of this track- I absolutely love the beat! 

3. What an ADORABLE gift idea- Great for a birthday, housewarming, Christmas, or wedding party gift! 

4. I saw this on my favorite blog A Beautiful Mess and I cannot wait to try it on either my desk or our coffee table! Cool idea huh?

5. Wisdom.

Happy Weekend! TODAY officially marks our 1 month anniversary of moving to France!!! In some ways it seems like we have been here longer, but in other ways it has flown by.  In the next 2 weeks I should be starting my French lessons and Alexis and Charlie are coming to visit us at the end of this month- We cannot wait! 


  1. LOVE that Coldplay song!! You're right - the beat is SO good. Can't believe you've already been there a month! Is it starting to sink in yet that you're actually doing this?!? Love it - miss you!

  2. It has been a has gone by quickly but it does seem like it has been years, in a way! Maybe that means now 'til December will fly by!
    XOXO, Mom

  3. Woohooo coming to get youuuu! You should consider updating your about me blurb seeing as you DO live overseas now ;)



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