Friday, September 23, 2011

5 :)

This is the APARTMENT edition!!! (without pictures so far...) 

1.  We FINALLY (after 5 weeks of living out of a suitcase) got to move into our apartment on Tuesday!
2. The renovating in the kitchen is now officially done and we shared our first breakfast this morning at our cute bar on our stools :) 
3. I found our bedding this week which means no sewing a duvet cover for Abby- hip hip hooray!
4. The big question was if we would get internet from our place and I am happy to report that we do!!! This means easier blogging, emailing, tweeting, etc. 
5. I am out the door to go pick up our COUCH!!! It has storage and a pop out full sized bed :) Visitors welcome! 

Home tour coming soon....  Hope you have a GREAT weekend. This time, next week I will be with my BFFL Alexis - yippee!!!! 

Source: via Abby on Pinterest



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