Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Colorado BBQ

While the Opera was staying at the Colorado, we had 2 BBQ nights. The Frenchies love a good Texas-style BBQ and were in AWE of the spicy buffalo wings :) Logan & Caleb did the grilling while Sheri & I made the side salads and dessert.  I literally made 96 brownies in 1 morning!!!! This cooking in bulk thing is harder than it looks, but I can say I have mastered brownies now. 

After the BBQ's, the nights consisted of line dancing and spontaneous "jam sessions."  It was really fun, especially because these were professional musicians- so their rendition of "My Girl" was studio ready even though they had never rehearsed it together and had to pull up the lyrics on their iPhones.  Here are a few terrible quality pictures (It was dark and I only had my iPhone) and some short videos of the fun.  Enjoy :) 

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Wish you were at the BBQ in Abilene for Drew's birthday OR we were at the BBQ at the Colorado with you! Miss you! XO, Mom



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