Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Month In Review: August

The month of August was probably the biggest month of CHANGE that I've ever had.  A few days late, but here is our month in review from August. 

Lots and lots of PACKING. We tried the rolling approach and it worked quite well :) 

My very last Supper Club at Enos. It was SUCH a fun night!

We sold my Jeep in 18 hours off of Craigslist. I LOVED that car.... Logan's sold 4 days later (RIGHT before we were about to give up!) 

With SOME of the money we made off of our cars, we invested in a NEW Macbook Pro :) We love it and are so happy we each have a computer to work on now!

My  mom threw us an AMAZING Bon Voyage themed going away shin dig for our friends. It was SO fun! Thanks to everyone who came out for it :) 


My Dad & Kelley threw us a USA themed going away party so we wouldn't forget our roots ha! It was a really emotional but wonderful night full of family.... and the Cochrans ;) 

Lots and lots and LOTS of Happy Hours, coffee dates, dinners, etc. to spend QT with everyone before we left. 

All of our belongings had to fit into 6 suitcases.... I claimed 4 of them + Caleb's duffle bag and gave the boys the leftovers!

At the airport on moving day!


My current reading material. Love it! 

Grilling out for the clients. 

Hanging out at The Colorado. 

Lots and lots of cooking and learning new recipes!!! 

A night at the French Opera. 

Chateau Murol - a day of sight seeing! 

My first "social" outing... Gaelle & Julien's son Charlie turned 1!!! (Some of you met them at our wedding!) 

Isn't he cute? 

Spending time with Mr. Happy himself, Ryan!

And with my cute nieces Kailyn and Sophia. 

Lots of rainy days... and lots of use for my Hunter boot splurge :) 

My new favorite French beer... Desperados. 

A day trip to Bordeaux. 

We made a 4 hour pit stop HERE. 

Lorenzo (our wedding pastor) and his kiddos came down to hang out for the weekend.  How many kiddos can you fit on a 4 Wheeler? Apparently a TON! 

Lots of renovating/ building at our new apartment. 

The floor plan :) 

We are so blessed that our move went so smoothly. I have to admit, I am VERY glad it is behind was an extremely emotional and stressful month for everyone.  Now we are finally on the other side of this "dream" that we have been planning and preparing for, for so long! Time to start living in it. 

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  1. I am so proud of you, my brave and adventurous Abby!I'm glad August is behind you, too, because it means I am that much closer to coming to visit you in France!!
    Love you,
    P.S. XOXO



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