Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nathalie Anne Isaac

My BEAUTIFUL, tiny, sweet, 6th niece was born YESTERDAY! (I had to hold it in until it was "officially" announced.)  

Kristin did it ALL NATURAL (go girl!) and Mom & baby are doing great!  It was a joyous day that I am immensely grateful I was able to be a part of.  By the way, the name was announced yesterday after she was born- No one knew except Kristin & Nolan- I really like that idea! That way you dodge any judgements, unwarranted advice, or "I knew someone named XYZ and they were SO ANNOYING...etc,etc."  Sounds like a pretty good plan to me! 

Without further ado, here she is :) 

Nathalie Anne, 8 lbs 9 1/2 oz, 20 inches, born 9/28 at 10:20am.  
*For the record (not that it matters) I LOVE her name! Especially Nathalie spelled the French way :) 


  1. Love the photos, especially the one of you kissing her on the head. Don't get any ideas though ;)

  2. Oh my goodness. So precious. Congrats Auntie Abby and Uncle Logan! :) Welcome Nathalie!



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