Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Well hello there!

Confession: I slacked off.

I have been on vacation with my best friend ALEXIS for the past week and it was heaven! I have over 1,000 pictures from our adventures that I need to sort through, prioritize, and post... so bear with me :) 

Confession: Having the Cunninghams leave yesterday was SO hard. The homesickness and loneliness that I had been fighting off was always put to rest looking forward to my best friend coming to visit in October... so when they left, it was really hard on me.   Next time I see a familiar face is not until Christmas when my Mom comes to visit. 

I don't mean to sound poor me... living in France... I know, I know...but it really was a lonely day. I ALSO had to miss my other best friend Katie Schulze's birthday dinner for the first time since I have KNOWN her. I have never missed her birthday :(  So you know "blah" days? That was me yesterday. 

BUT on a happier note, I will give you a teaser of our trip. One picture from each day. I can expand and post more details and pics later, but this will work for now. 

Night #1 - Raclette dinner at The Colorado. 


Day #2 Castle day.  Beynac and shopping in Sarlat (A Medieval town)


Day #3 Rocamadour - a village built into the side of a cliff. 


Day #4  First night in Bordeaux.  Getting jiggy with it. 


Day #5 Bordeaux wine tour in Saint Emillion. 


Details to follow... 


  1. glad you had a great time. see you soon!

  2. Cannot wait to see the other 995 photos! So glad you had fun!! XO, Mom

  3. :( if it makes you feel better I had a hard time too... Missing my abs dearly and logibear. Seriously an epic trip that will never be topped unless we make good on our future travel plans! :)



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