Friday, October 14, 2011

5 :)

Some pretties that I have run across on the world wide web over the past week. Enjoy!

1. I love this idea! Hanging an old metal fence as a pot holder/ statement piece for you kitchen. This reminded me of my kindred spirit/ Canton lover, Nicki Cochran :) 

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

2. I have posted about James Morrison on here before, but my Frenchman and I just cannot get enough of his voice.  His new album AWAKENING dropped this week- you should definitely get it! He is playing in Paris in March and we are already plotting on how we can get tickets and time off  to go! :)  Below is a video for his new single from Awakening called "I Won't Let You Go." 

3. This is SO random and SO cute. An old cheese grater turned ADORABLE earring holder. I may just be trying this in lime green for our bathroom!

4. How cool are these dresses by Rachel Rose?  I ran across this designer on Etsy and she lives in Brooklyn and hand paints and dyes all of her shirts and dresses. I think they are beautiful! AND.... I think I want to be friends with her. 

5. We already have our bedding, but I love this Urban Outfitters quilt! I love the bright colors and BONUS: there is a pretty floral pattern on the other side if you feel like changing things up! (Urban has the best bedding- My high school, college, and post college bedding all came from there!) 

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend! We are having fondue tonight with the whole family since we do not have clients! Next week is a slower week for us, so we are hoping to get my Visa paperwork finished up and maybe I will finally learn how to drive a standard? They don't do automatic cars over here (generally speaking), so this could get interesting... 


  1. I am smiling as I read your 5 smiles for the week! I'll repeat what Katy said when learning to drive a standard; as you were learning to drive Nannie's Jeep while in elementary school, you saw something off the road, veered off as your little sister chimed sarcastically from the back seat, "Look oout trees, here we come!" All was stopped about 12 inches from the barbed wire fence! Remembering THAT story made me SMILE! :)

  2. AAHHH I had no idea James Morrison had a new album! I will be purchasing that before my road trip to Indiana this weekend. I'm glad you and Logan are in love with his voice like I am. :)



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