Friday, October 28, 2011

5 :)

Like I mentioned, this week has been non-stop... today Logan & I tag teamed the entire "Big House" (6 rooms) to deep clean, make beds, sweep, etc. Then we prepared lunch for 13 clients and we are about to head into an afternoon long meeting with the family accountant about business and the new project.  We are all exhausted BUT tomorrow begins our ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND!!! We feel like we have definitely earned a few days off after this week :) 

We are headed to Carcassonne, France to explore, shop, and spend some QT just the two of us.  

Today I am going to post 5 things that Logan does to make me smile. (And some cute lovey-dovey pics I have found via Pinterest that make me smile)

1.  Logan sings his sentences when he is in a chipper mood.  This will either appear on voicemails or when I walk in the door.  He literally makes up melodies while he sings his sentences to me... I cannot help but laugh!

2. My husband LOVES movies.  I have come to find out that this is an inherited trait from his parents seeing as they basically have a Blockbuster in the upstairs of their home.  (Seriously, I will post a picture of it - over 500 movies) Well, I LOVE it when I hear this hyena type laughter... I only ever get to hear it when it pertains to movies or TV shows, but it is hilarious!

3. Each night that I cook, Logan does the dishes.  We have both been doing them all day long at The Colorado, and yet he still bites the bullet and does them all by hand. (Note: we do not have a dish washer in our APT)

4. I think he got this from me, but Logan has turned a bit "needy" and he will get all whiney and pouty when he needs attention. I act annoyed, but secretly I love it :) "I need you to LOVE me" is what he says and then puts his arms out for a hug.  So cute.

5. Freshly-shaven-with-cologne-Logan when he puts a lot of effort into his outfit and comes out to ask me if he looks trendy and cool or stupid and trying too hard... haha I love that he is semi into fashion :) And he is REAL easy on the eyes too!



  1. you are both very lucky. have a great weekend.

  2. Have a happy second anniversary! Love you both! XOXO, Mom



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