Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bits & Pieces: October

One of my FAVORITE bloggers, Bleubird Vintage, does a post called "Bits & Pieces" and I thought I would share a few of mine with you. 

1. We figured out how to make the PERFECT hamburger. Stovetop. 

2. Fog, fog, FOGGY mornings at The Colorado. 
3. QT with this cutie Nathalie. 
4. Beautiful sunset before serving dinner. 
5. A week full of 23 clients on full pension (aka 3 meals per day) - its been a HECTIC week! 
6. Performing a little James Taylor "Fire & Rain" for clients. 
7. Best care package EVER- thanks Mom! You know the way to my heart. 
8. Beautiful FALL LEAVES. Everywhere. 
9.  Aperitif. (Basically a French "Happy Hour")  
10. A homemade (last minute) bday banner. Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration :) 
11. Champagne toast for a 50th birthday. 
12. Who needs candles when you have SPARKLERS? 
13.  Fall flowers at the supermarche. 
14.  My Labor of Love... homemade, from scratch, apple cake. 


  1. great idea and what a good way to pull/utilize camera phone pictures that are so often never seen!

  2. love this post! b/c as always, love seeing glimpses of your french life! oh--and happy early anniversary!!!

  3. I'm with Annie... it's fun seeing what your day to day is like up there. Your mom is super sweet- I didn't even think about that when wondering what you might be missing the most. America misses you.

  4. Great post sweetie! I echo the above for seeing glimpses of your everyday life. Miss you! XOXO, Mom

  5. I'm more than a little jealous of those People magazines!



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