Thursday, October 6, 2011

Month in Review: September

The month of September was full of patience, errands, building, packing, unpacking, nesting, sight seeing, cooking, and celebrating. 

Here is Logan working on the walls in our APT. 

We spent MANY days here... our equivalent of a Home Depot. 

Buying things like this... and trying to fit them in tiny cars... (that's my chalkboard wall) 

Shopping for the Colorado. We get awesome access to restaurant owner ONLY stores... so they have SUPERSIZE of everything! (Like Nutella) 

A Day trip to Gimel. We toured the waterfalls and Chateau ruins.


Spending QT with this cutie :) 

And this cutie too ;) 

We have begun the "Deck of Cards" workout... apparently it was a Pine Cove thing. Think reds = crunches and blacks = push ups... its tough! (excuse my poor form) 

Chateau Hautefort 

Collognes la Rouge (A town made of pure red stone from around the area- SO cute!) 

Some beautiful rainbows on our drive home...

A DOUBLE rainbow... good luck eh? We even saw where it ended.... alas, no pot of gold! 

Mid-month we got to move out of Room #18 into our APT. 

Living out of the suitcases we packed in AUGUST was not fun... 

It made a spacious room feel quite claustrophobic. 

And we finally moved in/ nested HERE... 

Alas! Our first cooked meal in our apartment! Carbonara and Coke Zero :) 

AND our first breakfast.  Morgan- They call him Tony the Tigre here haha!

Nicholas and his girlfriend Audrey came in town to see us from Lyon! His mother had us over for an unforgettable lunch... (there is a story behind that ha!) 

And the HIGHLIGHT of the month.... The Isaac's new baby sister Nathalie was born. :) We are ALL in love! 

September was GREAT but OCTOBER is about my most favorite month of the year (thus the reason I HAD to get married in it)

I love Fall: boots + leggings + scarves, pumpkins, Halloween, MY ANNIVERSARY, the changing of leaves, trick-or-treaters, football, the Texas State Fair, caramel apples, and the crisp fall air!  I hear a rumor even TEXAS is getting down into the 80's- congrats yall!  


  1. What a perfect post! Love it! And I love October because it means I am even closer to seeing you in France! XOXO, Mom

  2. Love your chalkboard wall!
    And yeah, industrial sized jars of Nutella is a total necessity!
    (going to be up your way in December)

  3. Thanks Sara! And up our way for the holidays I am guessing?!?!?!? I would love to finally meet you! How was your visit to Texas?

  4. What a MONTH! I'm in love with that chalkboard wall too. Awesome idea. :) I'm also going to be looking into this deck of cards workout... although I don't know what I would do if I kept turning over high numbers of push-ups... not my fav. XO!

  5. Yes, up in Auvergne for the holidays.
    And Texas was perfect. Hot and perfect :-)



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