Friday, November 11, 2011

A Girls Day Out!

We had no clients or meals to serve today, so we decided to have a girls shopping day and head to the world renown Limoges! 

Our first stop was the porcelain outlet where Sheri picked out her Christmas present- a new set of dishes! (The ones she currently uses are 10 years old and from a gas station!) 

Then we shopped around the French equivalent of an outdoor shopping mall- it was HEAVEN!!! We went to a store called Alinea which is the French "Ikea" and MUCH cuter with same price range.  I could have spent all day in that store! All of the stores were all dolled up for Christmas, so it really got us in the Christmas spirit! Can we decorate already?  

I came home with a new lamp fixture, a rug, and a Christmas tree for our little apartment! It was a successful day :) 


  1. i wanted to leave a cute message; but, your mother is tearing the computer out

  2. I am SO excited you got to have a girls' day out! Nothing like a little shopping to cure the blues. :) Can't wait to have SEVERAL girls' day outs with you in December! Counting the days!! XOXO, Mom

  3. ahh so fun!! i <3 the porcelain and the christmas stuff---just around the corner...a french about RO-MAN-TIC ;)



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