Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dallas, I Miss You

Before I turned in my 2 weeks notice at Neimans, I met a girl who had just moved to Dallas and sent her an email gushing about all the spots she should explore in Dallas. I have been pretty homesick this week so I thought I would  give you my short list of favorite places in the Big D. I think sometimes it takes leaving a place to really appreciate what it was. 

Bishop Arts District 
Bolsa - an old car garage turned fancy restaurant
Enos- best pizza in town! AND get the "Sundae Sack" -its a must! 
Tillman's Roadhouse- amazing decor and cheeseburgers

Times Ten Cellars - GREAT wine favorite! You can order pizza that will deliver straight to your table. 
Legal Grounds - for breakfast/ brunch

White Rock Lake- fun to go picnic, run, walk, sit, nap, read 
Get TC's shaved ice...its a hole-in-the-wall but sooo yummy! My favorite is Tigers Blood (sounds gross, but its amazing!) 

Lower Greenville:
Concerts at Granada Theater
The Grape to eat great French cuisine
Simply Fondue
Snuffers - best (and most fattening) cheese fries in town! 
Glorias - great patio/ Tex Mex 

Henderson: quirky shopping and great bars/ places to eat
Gypsy Wagon (I want everything in this store) 
Now & Again (amazing home decor) 
The Pearl Cup - cute coffee shop
Common Table- great food!
J. Blacks &Capital Pub - great bars

Nick & Sams Grill - great for HH and brunch
Sangria- tapas/ great drinks (get a pitcher of the sparking Sangria)
Toulouse- another great French restaurant (try the escargot, its great!) 
Vino 100 - a quaint wine bar
Katy Trail Ice House - pretty new with a huge patio, very Austin-ish, relaxed, casual

West Village
Mannys- my favorite Mexican food- get the brisket tacos
Village Burger Bar (in West Village shopping center) - best burger in town! 
Mi Cocina- a chain, but amazing- Get the Mambo Taxi (but don't drive afterwards!) 

Family and Friends... I miss you all very much!!! Life is magical over here, but it would be PERFECT if you all were still just around the corner. 


  1. we miss you!
    thanks for all the good restaurant reminders... and I love everything on your christmas wish list.

  2. miss you abs! i drove by northbridge the other day...feels like a million years ago :( love you!

  3. I seriously teared up at this. I miss Dallas too!!!!!!!!!!

  4. okay, working at Neimans definitely explains your great style!

    Here are my places to add to the list (granted they're probably a few years older than your list):

    Blue Goose - their swirl margarita's are perfect on a hot summer day
    Campisi's Egyptian Lounge - great pizza & love the mafia rumors
    Cafe Brazil - the best late night eatery
    Fadis - amazing Mediterranean food
    Angelika - my favorite movie theater
    Aw Shucks (Greenville) - decent oysters and crawfish
    Gloria's - for mojitos and salsa dancing
    India Palace - the best Indian food ever

  5. love this abby----i loved our chat today :) dallas does miss you but im SO thankful you're just a phone call away!!

  6. Chickster- Blue Goose, Angelika, AND Cafe Brazil should have made my list as well haha! Are you from Dallas? Since we are both in France, we must rendezvous at some point!!! xo, abby

  7. Yep and it looks like we're here for the same amount of time as you & Logan - 2 years, so a rendezvous is definitely in our future!



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